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In general you have a good product, and very kind an helpful costumer service, but couple of comments:
1. I didn't like the fact that you closed the location in Amsterdam Noord (very short after you sold me this location for 2-3 months) while my goods were stored there, forcing me to rely on your own transport services and getting into coordination problems (parking, municipality approvals, coordination with other movers, etc.) and additional costs for the transport (in order to be first in line I had to pay an additional amount).
2. your transport procedure should be a bit better described - maybe by a short video? then your costumers won't have any concern about how to sync between your transport service and other movers.
3. you should be more transparent about your containers - that they are made of wood, and the locks and hinges don't really provide serious burglary protection - maybe showing some photos of the containers on site?

You have good product and good potential - please pay more attention to clarity (and responsibility for the agreement fulfillment )

Thank you

Reactie Boxx Opslag:

Thank your for your review. Good to hear that in general you are satisfied with our service. Hereby some answers to your comments.
1. Unfortunately we had to close our location in Amsterdam Noord, however we have done our best to find the best solution for all of our clients who stored their belongings in Amsterdam Noord.
2. We are currently in the process to making videos, so our transportation procedure is more clear.
3. The containers are made of wood, as wood isolates better. There containers made out of wood are better for the retaining of your furniture.
Kind regards,
Boxx Opslag

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