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Jeff Allen / Resident of Canada


Yes, the Volkswagen Golf rented in 2018 was very nice car with its many options and good performance. However, we were disappointed that we did not get the better gas economy that we had expected from our advance requested Toyota Arus with eco hybrid engine/battery system given to us in 2016 and 2017 rentals from your business. We usually travel extensively in the Benelux on our regular visits to Amsterdam and gas economy is an important consideration.

Your staff in the arrivals hall at Schiphol were professional, very friendly, and helpful once we located them and identified ourselves

Verbeterpunten of tips

We will be renting from you again , later in 2019, and still would prefer the eco hybrid car of equal quality as the Arus (and at the same price range as we haver renting from your business in past years). We would also expect that we have earned some consideration of our lengthy and regular rentals from your business and would hope to have in advance a declared make and model car rental confirmation prior to our arrival at Schiphol. Your staff were considerate and professional but were obviously unable to change the vehicle they delivered to us this September 2018 at the airport.

A minor improvement we want to suggest which we believe is quite simple and probably inexpensive to implement at Schiphol and perhaps your other airport delivery options. We think that a stylish, good quality hat ( definitely not an ugly baseball cap ! ) would increase the renter's ability to identify your agents in the Arrivals Hall and perhaps add a more professional and recognizable style to your service.

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