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Worst service ever!
I placed an order with email to the shop in Zaandam. The shop made a mistake in delivery address (they didnt ask me the correct one and took some by themselves). Right after i found out the mistake and requested to correct it 1 day before delivery. They confirmed that address is corrected an i will receive all products to my place at initial delivery time. but the day after, everything was delivered at incorrect address and the shop didnt provide any support in cancelling or changing the order. They simply told me that I had to check the invoice by myself and if I paid it then I confirm all details and this is my fault.
Several days after (after all emails and calls) they confirmed again that address is now corrected but ….. still packages are delivered to incorrect one. some of the packages I had to go to the incorrect place and collect by myself as they cant collect it already and I had to make a return procedure by myself and to pay for return also by myself.

Today is 5th day after initial delivery date and still I am missing 5 items from the order. I made a call to the shop and again had to hear that they need to check why is it happening. No information about potential new delivery time, no information if this will not come to incorrect address again, and the agent just quit the call without saying anything!!!

The shop is very good, nice website with very good range of products, very nice proposal for additional products you need if you order a bath f.e., and they have good prices as well. but unfortunately there is no service and support at all. That was the worst case for me, very disappointing.

Please check all details very carefully if you place orders with emails like me. And be ready that you will not get a good support if any issue is happening!


Dear Artem, I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience with us. We're going to get in touch with you to talk about it. Kind regards, Jasmijn

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