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Very satisfied with the service. Philip was a great guide throughout the buying process from initial viewing to transfer of the ownership. He made sure our interest is well represented in each step. Philip managed to negotiate the price lower than asking price that gave us extra budget for renovation. Definitely recommended!

Sterke punten van Aankoopmakelaar Eindhoven

- Very experienced
- Good communication
- Transparency
- Efficiency

Reactie Aankoopmakelaar Eindhoven:

Dear client,

Thank you once again for your trust in Aankoopmakelaar Eindhoven. It was a pleasure working with you. I'm glad you succeeded in finding your new home in Eindhoven.

Lot's of succes these coming weeks, during the moving period, it will be very busy!

Regards, Philip
Aankoopmakelaar Eindhoven

Score voor Aankoopmakelaar Eindhoven: 5/5
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