What happens if I have a negative review?


How can I resolve this?/Our answer:

All reviews are evaluated by The Feedback Company. Positive reviews are approved and put online. In the unlikely event that you receive a critical review, this is put ‘on hold’ for 14 days. This gives your customer service the chance to contact the reviewer. After contacting them, you have the following options:

  1. The reviewer gives their permission to delete the review. You just need to have written confirmation from the reviewer for us to delete the review.
  2. The reviewer agrees to amend the review. In that case, you can send a new invite to the reviewer and the old review is automatically overwritten.
  3. You don’t agree with the reviewer and can prove that the review is unfounded and unjustified. The Feedback Company will retain the proof and remove the review.
  4. The review is not eligible for deletion. In that case, it is up to your customer service to work its magic! For example, add the company’s response, addressing and resolving the complain.

In this way, critical reviews can work to your advantage, if dealt with properly. This boosts trust in the other reviews! Not only does the reviewer feel that they’ve been taken seriously, but other (potential) customers can see that you deal with complaints properly and take feedback on board.

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