Customizable widget

Personalise the content and layout of questions and widgets


At Feedback Company, we have a passion for customizing. That means you can tailor the questions you're asking and the layout of the invite. Use the Customizable Widget to match the widget to your own branding.

Personalize the content and layout of questions and widgets

Feedback Company aims to maximise the potential to personalize the design of our tools. Use the Customizable Widget to match the widget to your own branding. You can also fully set up the questionnaire yourself and easily customize the layout of the invite with the HTML editor.

Ask for the feedback that matters

You can also personalize the feedback tool even further by modifying the questions. You can set it so that you get the feedback that matters to you the most. And the feedback that matters to your future customers too, of course.

Increase customer confidence and boost your sales

Give potential customers more confidence by using our widget. The widget automatically displays a recent review on the page where it’s placed. By clicking the widget, visitors are directed to the review page, featuring all the reviews from your customers. The widget is automatically updated several times a day. The ratings and reviews displayed by the widget promote consumer confidence and give a boost to your sales.

Customizable Widget for more reviews

The Feedback Company allows you to completely tailor the widget to your needs, with the Customizable Widget feature. Get more information about your customers so you can help new customers better.

The Customizable Widget from Feedback Company gives you:

  • Option to personalize the widget to match the design of your site.
  • Reviewer info: in-depth information about each reviewer that can help consumers determine which reviews are relevant to them.
  • 17 unique widget layouts.

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