Customer Effort Score

Group your KPIs together

Combine your Customer Effort Score and Google Seller Ratings

There are several indicators available to get a clear picture of your company. The main pillars are the NPS and CES. Feedback Company is the first Google Partner to allow you to link these major indicators with a Google Seller Rating.

Improve your customers’ experiences with the Customer Effort Score

CES simply reflects the effort that your customers have had to make to resolve their questions. Our CES feature gives you the option to easily track your CES. With this feature, you have the tools to improve your customers’ experience.

Get a clear picture of the quality of your customer service

By building up your CES, you can create an overall picture of the quality of your customer service. We will get in touch with your customers and ask them: “How difficult did you find it to get an answer to this question?”. This question can then be answered on a scale from 1 (very easy) to 5 (very difficult).

Complete customisation

Of course you can fully tailor the number of times this question is asked. The average CES then paints a picture of how easy or difficult it was to get an answer and of the quality of the information and service that you provide.

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