Feedback Company tool features

Feedback Company is constantly optimising its existing features. And of course, we’re continuously developing new innovative features. Choose the package that suits you best and tailor the feedback tool to your needs.

We do the work so you don’t have to

Auto-feedback and manual approval

With Feedback Company, you can collect reviews entirely automatically using the auto-feedback module. All reviews are then manually approved by our independent specialists. This makes your reviews more reliable.

Tailored solutions

Personalize the content and layout of questions and widgets

At Feedback Company, we have a passion for customising. That means you can tailor the questions you're asking and the layout of the invite. Use the Customisable Widget to match the widget to your own branding.

Feedback on specific products

Demonstrate the quality of your products with Product Reviews

We offer you the opportunity to get product reviews. With this feature, you can add the reviews to Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads. Increase conversion by putting your products in the spotlight.

Show your star ratings on Google

Google AdWords integration

Google has granted worldwide licences to just a select few review specialists who collect independent reviews for businesses. Feedback Company is one of those Google review partners. With Seller Ratings, you stand out even more in the paid search results.

Search Engine Optimization

Increase the visibility of your website with SEO

Maximize the power of customer content by leveraging reviews for the SEO value of your website. Reviews are unique content, so web pages score better in organic search results.

Combine your Customer Effort Score and Google Seller Ratings

Customer Effort Score

With Customer Effort Scores, you can see how difficult it is for your customers to find solutions to their questions or complaints. The Net Promoter Score measures how highly your customers would recommend you. Increase your customer loyalty and improve your services.

No hassle with our API

Enchanced API

Seamlessly integrate information about your company into your existing systems. For your customers on your website and for you in all your business software.

With our Application Programming Interface (API), you can integrate all our features into your existing systems with ease.

The possibilities are endless. What do you think of displaying reviews on your website? About your business in general or a specific product. Thanks to integration with your business software, you can automatically send feedback requests and compile statistics.

Integrate with Facebook

Facebook integration

Ask customers who follow you on Facebook to review your products or service. And display these reviews directly to visitors to your page. All your feedback in one place for more effective online marketing.

Group your KPIs together!

NPS (Net Promoter Score)

There are several indicators available to get a clear picture of your company. The main pillars are NPS and CES. The Feedback Company is the first Google Partner to allow you to link these major indicators with a Google Seller Rating.

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