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This Privacy Policy was created on 08-06-2017
The Feedback Company BV, also acting under the name of Feedback Company

1 What Information Collected Feedback Company

1.1 Information in the review

When you write a review about a company or webshop on, we also collect the information you include in your review, such as:

  • About which company or website you write a review.
  • The score you associate with the review.
  • The date you wrote the review has revised, if necessary, and the date of publication.
  • An invoice number, order number or reference number, if provided by the company where you wrote the review.
  • If you are asked to send a purchase confirmation for validation, we will collect and process the documentation in the dossier.

1.2 Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device by viewing your, so that the device can be recognized. Learn more about how to enable and disable cookies and delete them in your browser settings. Cookies that are used to map web behavior can be removed centrally at

For more information and practical explanations about cookies, see item 6; Cookies.

1.3 IP address

When you visit, we register the IP address of your computer. The IP address is the numeric address of the computer used to visit This is used to counteract any abuse of our tool.

1.4 How we use this information

We can use the information you provide us to:

  • To display the written review on the reference page or on the company’s website / webshop.
  • The legitimacy of review to Verify
  • Allow the company to respond to the review.
  • Contact you to take if your review is not our client recognizes as being customer, to ask you to purchase confirmation to Verifyuto your review.
  • We are engaged in various internal business purposes, such as data analysis, audits, fraud monitoring and prevention, developing new products and services, improving or customizing
  • To comply with applicable legal requirements and procedures, requests from public and government agencies and our internal policies.
  • Our Terms comply with and, where possible, improve.
  • To protect the activities of Feedback Company BV or the affiliated companies.
  • Our rights, privacy, security or property and those of our affiliates, protect you or others.
  • Allow us to apply the remedies available or to limit any damage we incur.
  • Improve our website


2 What information is disclosed by Feedback Company

2.1 Cancellation of personal information on

Your acceptance of this Privacy Policy also implies your permission to disclose information about you on This includes your name or alias, which may reveal your identity in full or in part.

Please be aware that when you write a review via, your name or alias may be visible to other visitors on the Feedback Page (s) of Feedback

Please note that all information you post on will be automatically visible to the company in question and all visitors to the reference page.

2.2 Removal from other services and companies

Feedback Company aims to show independent reviews on and its reference pages.

We therefore allow our partners and customers to review reviews written on

The categories of third parties services and companies to which the information is disclosed are:

  • Search engines, including Google and Bing.
  • Companies reviewed on
  • Review site: Opiness, Springest, EduBookers, Expoints, Satisfied
  • Keurmerk: WebwinkelKeur, Qshops
  • Shopping platforms like Magento, WooCommerce.MyWeb Store, CCV Shop, Lightspeed and others.

The review will be displayed as submitted by you. Keep in mind that the following information is visible:

  • Your review (s).
  • Your name or alias plus any additional information such as gender and residence (if specified).

If you write a review at the invitation of one of our customers, your review may be linked to your ordered order.

If our customer can not match your review with one of their orders, they can submit an application for verification to Feedback Company. We can then contact you and ask for an invoice, order confirmation or other verification means of the purchased service or product (or significant interaction).

If you can not provide a verification tool, we can decide to remove the review.

The received verification will return / hand over to the reviewed company.

2.3 Other disclosures

In addition to the above, we may disclose your personal information to the following parties and in the following circumstances:

  • Thirdly, to allow suppliers, consultants and other service providers to perform services on our behalf to improve our platform.
  • To comply with laws or to respond to claims, court proceedings (including but not limited to subpoenas and court orders) and requests from public and government agencies.
  • In order to cooperate with regulatory authorities and government agencies,
  • To third parties in connection with maintaining our terms and conditions.
  • To third parties to protect our activities.
  • To third parties to apply for remedies or to limit damage that we may incur.
  • To third parties so that we can investigate, prevent or take action against alleged or actual prohibited activities, including but not limited to fraud and abuse.
  • To a third party in the event of a reorganization, merger, acquisition, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer or other decision of all or part of the Feedback Company or our assets (including in connection with bankruptcy or similar proceedings).

3 Who is responsible for the information

You are responsible for the content of the review and additional information about you as a user. The following is understood to mean e-mail, name or alias, IP address and, if specified, order number, place of residence, gender and age. The aforementioned information will be released by you voluntarily on

4 Links to websites

The reference page (s) of show links to our customers’ website. We do not control the content of such websites and are not responsible for this customer or their policies and practices.

We encourage you to review the privacy practices of these websites because their procedures for collecting, processing and processing personal data may differ from ours.

5 Editing and transfer of personal information by third parties

We use external companies for the technical implementation of and our services. These companies are processors for the personal data for which we are responsible. By accepting this Policy, you agree that we allow the data for which you are the responsible person to be processed by the same processors.

The processors should only act in accordance with our instructions. By accepting this Policy, you authorize us to instruct the editors to process data in accordance with the Policy and to use

The processors have taken reasonable technical and organizational measures to prevent the information being accidentally or illegally destroyed, lost or damaged, and to prevent the information being disclosed to unauthorized persons, being abused or otherwise processed in violation of The Personal Data Processing Act. At your request – and possibly in return for a possible compensation at the applicable hourly rates of the processors, which at all times apply to such work – the processors must provide you with sufficient information to demonstrate that the above technical and organizational safety measures have been taken .

6 Cookies uses cookies and similar technologies (“Cookies”). By using, you accept that we use Cookies, as described below.

6.1 What types of cookies do we use?

Cookies are small pieces of information that places on the hard drive of your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Cookies contain information that uses to make communication between you and your web browser more efficient. Cookies identify your computer instead of you as an individual user.


We use session cookies and permanent cookies, and technologies similar to session cookies and permanent cookies. Session cookies are temporary pieces of information that will be deleted once you close your web browser. Permanent cookies are more durable pieces of information that are stored and stored on your computer until they are deleted. Permanent cookies delete themselves after a certain period of time but are renewed every time you visit

We use technologies similar to session cookies and permanent cookies for storing and accessing the browser or device, which uses local devices and local storage, such as HTML5 cookies, Flash, and other methods. These technologies work on all your browsers. In some cases, the use of these technologies can not be controlled by the browser, but requires special tools. We use these technologies to store information to ensure quality of review and to detect any discrepancies in the use of

6.2 Where do we use Cookies?

We use cookies for:

  • Generating statistics

Measuring Website Traffic like the number of visits to, which domains visitors come from, which pages are visited by Visitors of and in which geographic areas the visitors are.

  • Monitoring the performance of and your use of

Monitoring the performance of, our applications and widgets, and the way you use, applications, and widgets.

  • Authentication and enhancement of the functionality of

Optimizing your experience with, including remembering your username and password when returning to, and remembering information about your browser and preferences (e.g., what your preferred language is).

  • Quality assurance

Ensuring the quality of the review and the occurrence of abuse or omissions regarding writing review and using

6.3 Use of cookies by Feedback Company.

Feedback Company uses website cookies. An overview of the different types of cookies that we use on our website can be found below.

6.3.1 Functional and technical

Cookies that are necessary to enable the website to work properly and the requested

Service through our website.

6.3.2 Analytical

Cookies to be able to measure the use of the website, what information do we have

Improve the quality and functioning of our website.

6.3.3 Google Analytics

Google cookies for using Google Analytics, a web analytics service. For these analytical cookies and the possible data that Google collects with you, we refer you to Google’s privacy statement. We also suggest you the opportunity optout Google Analytics:

6.4 Unsubscribe tracking cookies

We also indicate that you can opt out of third party third party cookies on the Network Advertising Initiative sign-up page: ..

7 Access, correction and removal

7.1 Access to information about your personal information

If you wish, you can contact us to find out the purpose of your processed personal information; Below you can understand what personal information we have about you; Who receives your personal information and where the personal information is managed.

7.2 Correction and removal of your personal data

Please let us know if personal information that we, as responsible, handle about you, is incorrect or misleading and we will correct it for you.

You may, at any time, correct and remove any content and personal information on for which you are responsible. If personal information changes, or if you no longer want to be on, you can update or remove the information by contacting Feedback Company’s customer service.

We reserve the right to remove your review if the review on, in our discretion, is discriminatory, racist, sexual, unethical, threatening, offensive, intimidating or otherwise in violation of our Rules of Procedure.

8 Changes to the Privacy Policy

We can change this Privacy Policy at any time. The date displayed at the beginning of this Privacy Policy indicates when it was last updated. Changes will come into effect when we place the revised Privacy Policy on You agree that your further use of after posting changes constitutes your acceptance of the new version of the Privacy Policy.

9 Questions about this Privacy Policy

If you have questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, how we process your personal information or if you wish to correct your personal information, please contact our customer service through the following contact options:


Phone: +31 85 27 363 20