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25 Reviews

Enrique Perez

It was great. Only the time of response, perhaps due to Dutch regulations, can be improve


Comunnnication and clarity on invoices

Improvements or suggestions

Develop an app to follow progress


Simple. Easy. Transparent. Friendly. Excellent communication. Great team. Very responsive to email inquiries during the whole process. Met all deadlines. Vehicle arrived surprisingly clean after a...


Simple. Easy. Transparent. Friendly. Excellent communication. Great team. Very responsive to email inquiries during the whole process. Met all deadlines. Vehicle arrived surprisingly clean after a 8200 km voyage. Competitive prices.

Improvements or suggestions

I got quoted for a road transfer to NY. The car ended up going to Houston instead. It would have been nice to know beforehand. I don't think it would have made a difference on the overall price, yet it would have been better to know.

Bart Ross

As it was our first experience with shipping a vehicle home from Europe we did not know what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised to have a professional and courteous team working with us to...


Thorough and details oriented. They had no problem spending time to familiarize myself with the shipping and importing process.

Improvements or suggestions

If they could have a detailed list of steps and charges it would limit any confusion or surprises.


Estimates of timing and need to unload container to a second boat for transit to warehouse cost too much time and uncertainty. I may never ship a car again, but if I do it will be to a smaller...


Miss Avalanche Scouten ( not sure of last name spelling) was an outstanding person to work with. Very polite and understanding during my anxious days of waiting for the container with my car to be delivered.

Improvements or suggestions

Somehow it seems that a shipping company should be able to predict with some accuracy the arrival date of a ship. I has an original date of 28/29 May, which later moved to June 2nd then later June 6 with delivery June 7 or 8. If the June 8th was missed, then it would go over the weekend to the 11 th.
Would you ever fly an airline that switched dates like this.? The good news is that I did get the car on the 8th thanks to the diligence of miss Avalanche and her hand carrying me thru the paperwork process.

Mike Noonan

A professional end to end service that met and exceeded my expectations.


They kept me fully informed of the process at every step. All concerns and questions were answered promptly.

Guenter Stachl

Hat alles funktioniert wie versprochen wurde

Simone Tyndall

We received very good service from SCL Rotterdam, would recommend them to anyone wishing to import a vehicle to the Netherlands. It was helpful to have the backup here in Holland with upgrades to...


Quick response time and very friendly and helpful service from your Rotterdam office.

Improvements or suggestions

3rd parties in Calgary were disappointing as they did not collect the vehicles when promised.
It may also be a good idea to provide information with all the services that you are able to provide prior to the vehicle/s arrival in the Netherlands, we did not know ahead of time that you would be able to upgrade our security / GPS etc etc.


Communication, phenomenal! Service, excellent! Knowledge, well informed! Need i say more? Would definitely recommend.


Following up with any concerns you may have

Jaka Simnovec

Excelent, fast and reliable.

Carlos Alberto Dias Patrício

Dynamism - readiness - sense of honesty and responsibility - feels interested in cooperating after listening to client details, including budget adjustments. Feels closer to each communication,...


I have nothing to say negatively about this company. My experience in two stages in diferent dates are the same as described above.

Improvements or suggestions

Since we are in a unified Europe, when it comes to budgets for road transport services, I recommend the use of carriers based in countries such as Portugal or Spain that have more extensive connections between several Central and Southern European countries (two ways connections)