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The way surveys are presented is not transparent and an overview is not possible over how many surveys are online, how the own survey is ranked etc. Basically, without boost points its worthless, which is a shame. Putting a lot of time into answering survey doesn't give you good returns without buying aditional boost points


Hi Carsten,
Thanks for your feedback. You have a point, allow me to make some nuances.
About boost point:
Boost points aren't required to get responses, they only give a small speed boost. I see your survey has gotten 73 responses, of which only 10 with the extra speed from boost points. We have gotten more complaints about this though. We are walking the line between wanting to help people for free, but needing to also make money somehow.
To conclude, we 100% agree that the free exchange of responses should always work without any other payments. Therefore we are planning to remove boost points.
About the survey listing/ranking:
We purposely only display 8 surveys, because those belong to people who have taken the survey surveys and didn't receive answers for them yet. That is how we rank surveys.
We understand this isn't the clearest to everyone and will try a better job in our newer versions of the site.
Hopefully, we were still able to help you with the 73 responses. If there's still something, that went wrong please contact us in the helpdesk, because there are still humans behind the software, and humans can make mistakes :)
Kind regards,
Arie Lindenburg

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