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Vishal Mistry


Overall good, some negative experiences regarding the condition of the apartment when I moved in (was filthy and the shower was broken and leaked). Also the balcony was out of bound and very dangerous. Larissa was helpful with fixing things and helped to ensure my stay was more enjoyable.

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Larissa was extremely helpful with the issues and requests I had regarding the flat. Her time to respond to emails was very quick and she was always very clear when communicating. Although there were many issues with the apartment, Larissa did her best to help fix things, immediately calling out electricians/plumbers when required and was also very empathetic with the issues surrounding the flat. Without her help, I strongly believe my stay in Rotterdam would have been a more negative one, so would like to thank her for her assistance while I stayed in the Netherlands.

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Rotterdam Apartments should frequently do checks on the apartments. Although it should be up to the tenants to keep the place in check, unfortunately it's the case that some tenants are quite lazy, resulting in a dirty flat and various issues with in the apartment not being resolved when they should be (for example leaks and a broken shower which I arrived to and had to get fixed, despite my flat mates saying these issues had been around for months and they had not done anything about it!).

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