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Pascale Sury


My experience with RIB School was great.


Very good knowledge of the subject of the course.

Advice for improvement

I don't know if you have many students but if it's the case, I would recommend to ask before to the students why do they want to follow this course. If it's for expedition staff on a ship, I would recommend to have 2 days of zodiac courses instead of 1 day RIB and 1 day zodiac. Maybe because in my case, I would have need 2 days zodiac...

Reply Rib School Scheveningen:

Hi Pascale, thank you for joining our training. When we plan an expedition course it is only with expedition staff and that is also our only course on the Zodiac. When you submit our form on the website we ask several questions, like what is your experience and why do you want to obtain the RYA Level 2? In your case you would have liked to have 2 days on the Zodiac. We understand it is a lot to learn 2 type of boats in 2 days, but most students prefer this as expedition vessels also often have the Zodiac MK6 which has a steering wheel. We are happy to teach you an extra day on the Zodiac if needed. Good luck with your career as a photographer. Take care, Katinka

Score on Rib School Scheveningen: 5/5
Would you recommend this company? Yes
Which course did you book?: RYA Powerboat Level 2