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Bernard Westwell


Excellent. I entered the course not really knowing what to expect. However, Katinka and Michel guided me through uncharted waters in a highly professional and competent way such that I was able to achieve my goal of completing my RYA Powerboat level 2 with CEVNI for the ICC qualification.


The personal attention given in small groups (in my case 3)
The instructors' knowledge and the ability to convey this to the course participants in a personal and non-patronising way.
The quality of the equipment, from the vessels used to the personal safety equipment
Attention to detail.

Advice for improvement

The only issue was some confusion over the CEVNI test and relevant study material that was no fault of the Rib School.
I understand this matter is to be discussed and resolved with the RYA in the near future.

Score on Rib School Scheveningen: 5/5
Would you recommend this company? Yes
Which course did you book?: RYA Powerboat level 2 with CEVNI