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Friendly but disappointing. After a little research online I found that I could subscribe to all the utilities myself for a cheaper price. Even water. PartnerPete was not helpful in setting up my utilities.

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Hi Tom,
So sorry to hear that you are disappointed with our service.
Let me start by clarifying we are service provider trying to help expats get connected to utilities in and around the house. We select a number of suppliers and providers since we know they work in a way which suits our expat clientele. We are NOT a comparison site where you get the best deal since service and fulfillment are part of our selection criteria.
We are surprised to hear you got a better deal on water since the water market in the Netherlands is not privatized; you cannot choose your water supplier. The place you'll live determines the company that supplies your water and tariffs are fixed.
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss your case any further.
Kind regards,

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