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PartnerPete provides a good overview of options for providers and is good in selling these. However, attention to detail and service attitude are significantly lacking! In my case, I had arranged water, gas/electricity and internet/telephone through PartnerPete. The initial call was efficient; subsequently I received frequent reminder emails and follow up calls despite having indicated a later commencement date. Most annoyingly though, once I had confirmed all contracts, the trouble started:
- Despite all information in the confirmatory email being correct, the back-office managed to register the WRONG ADDRESS for all utilities! Furthermore, for the ziggo contract the WRONG PACKAGE was registered (without telephone).
- Once I discovered this and contacted PartnerPete, staff was dismissive basically saying this is now my problem. Only after insisting, because one member did let slip that the back-office caused the mess, action was taken by PartnerPete to correct the mistakes.
- After having discussed details with the service staff, written communication from the back-office was not reflecting what had been agreed. It can only be stated that there is a complete disconnect between front and back office.
- After corrections were made for the ziggo contract, one would assume these would also be made for the other contracts. But no: again complete disconnect.

In the end, 8 weeks after first contact and 4 weeks before moving into my property I’m still having to sort out remaining issues due to the wrongly registered address through PartnerPete.

The only glimpse of light in the team was Janet, who was understanding, took corrective action, and apologised. Other team members were simply dismissive and rude. The interaction with Janet is the only thing I would praise, and is the only reason for a 3-star rather a 1-star rating.

Yet my overall impression remains: good selling company, but pls don’t call yourself service provider.

Reply PartnerPete:

Hi Michael,
First of all, we are sorry you are disappointed with our service.
Let me start by agreeing that somethings didn't go as should have. For a part of this we take our responsibility and as far as we can see now all is restored. We will contact you on short notice to check back in with you.
Please feel free to contact our office if there is anything else we can do for you in the meantime.

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