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The response time was ok and the appointment time was respected by Partner Pete's employee. However the employee only offered two companies for providing an Internet connection (basically she just promoted Ziggo's package) as she insisted on speaking about Ziggo company. Furthermore, I realised that the suggestion which she made was not the most economical one, although I explicitly asked her about it. Good for me that I have ordered a flexible contract and I will change it the next month. The same applies also for gas and electricity where I later found out that there were far better offers in the market than the ones I got. I do not know if this is the Partnter Pete's policy or it was just the initiative of the operator but I feel scammed.

Reply PartnerPete:

Dear Sir, Madam,

First of all we are sorry you are disappointed in our service.

Let me start by clarifying we are service provider trying to help expats get connected to utilities in and aroud the house. We select a number of suppliers and providers since we know they work in a way which suits our expat clientele. We are NOT a comparison site where you get the best deal since service and fulfillment is part of our selection criteria.

As you reviewed anonymously we can not look back in your file to see why we advised Ziggo but often speed of delivery is the reason. As for Energy, I can not look in your file but our offer is always competitive.

As for the "scam" I feel a sincere need to point our we are a company that prides itself in helping out a particular niche expat population. Please do not mistake this intent with a scam. We have talked to you over the phone and afterwards sent you a tailor made offer by email specifying all the costs and conditions per product category on which you agreed by pressing the button. There will always be cheaper and better ofers but often the comparison is not right.

Please feel free to contact our office which gives us the opportunity to open your file and learn from this to avoid future expats feeling this way.


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