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Most landlords don't allow pets, and you cannot sort by "pets allowed by common accord", only by yes or no. Also there are many shared facilities rooms listed as studios, and apartments listed with x price, but in reality the x price is for one room inside that apartment. It is a very misleading and confusing website, expect to waste 4h a day searching, checking, and sending reactions, and in the end receive only 5 replies out of 20 messages. From those 5 replies 1 will say that the room is already rented and 3 will tell you to inscribe on idk which third party website first. Super unreliable and expensive for what it offers. I also tried to get my money back, but there is no mention of any refund policy on their website, you can search it, google it etc. you won't find anything. I wasted in total 100 euro this year with this app, and I did not find anything. Save your money, stay away.

Reply Kamernet:

Hi Larisa, Sorry to read this, we don't like to hear that the users are unhappy and unsuccessful. Had you been in touch with the support? We would still like you to get in touch with us and we'd like to see what we can do to assist you on your venture to a new home. You can reach us at
We hope to hear from you soon!
Take care, Kamernet

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