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Akshat Verma


It took a bit of thorough search to finally get accommodation but the process itself was quite easy. Though the search will always need some effort since that does not depend on the platform, but on the landlord/potential housemates.

In your opinion, what are the strong points of Kamernet?

A lot of accommodation being updated almost every 2-3 days and direct contact with the landlord.


A monthly email letting the client know about his subscription still going on would be much appreciated. I am saying this through personal experience since I lost 60 euros just because I forgot to cancel my subscription and didn't receive any notification about it.

Tips for people looking for a home

Just keep checking everyday and you'll definitely find one!

Reply Kamernet:

Hi Akshat,
Thank you for your review and congrats on finding a place!
Kamernet does send a reminder a week before a renewal, we do this so you have enough time to cancel your subscription should you not need it anymore.
We hope you have a great time in your new place and we wish you a pleasant day!
Shari - Kamernet

Score on Kamernet: 4/5
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Age: 18
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