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I informed them how I was unaware of the automatic subscription and that I stopped using their service when it was renewed because I was done using their service. I was hoping to be met with understanding and compassion. But I got a message saying I basically made a mistake and now I have to pay: "Since you purchased the subscription and received the service, there is an agreement between you and Kamernet and therefore, there is a payment obligation." This is a quote from the mail they gave me. They even threaten me if they don't get their money I will have to pay a lot more: "If one or multiple direct debit charges failed, you will need to pay the outstanding balance using the payment link in the payment reminder. We would advise immediate payment to prevent being charged with additional costs by debt collection agency Intrum."

The website is good, It would not be honest of me to complain about that. But the business strategy of making a subscription as this automatic is flat out attempt to steal money. It's for housing, most people will only need it temporarily and they know that.


Be nicer to customers and listen

Reply Kamernet:

Hi Casper,
I am sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the services that Kamernet provides.
When it comes to an outstanding payment we want to provide you with all the information so that, should it be passed on to our debt collection partner, you were informed about this. Before a debt collector comes in to place, a maximum of 3 payment reminders get sent to your email address, giving you enough time to fulfill the payment without a debt collection fee.
The continuous subscription is for you to find a home without having to worry about an expiration date of your account. Once you have found a place you can cancel the subscription to avoid another renewal. If the subscription is cancelled it will not be renewed again, you are however still responsible for the payment of that period.
I hope to have informed you sufficiently and I wish you a pleasant day.
Shari - Kamernet

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