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Found a room quickly, within just two working days. I think it os more thanks to the people who share thare offers here than thanks to Kamernet but Kamernet seems a more reliable platform for those people than facebook so it is generally more reliable place to find anything that facebook

Reply Kamernet:

Thank you for your review, tips and congrats on finding a place!
We try to stimulate landlords to send a message back, whether it's positive or negative news, you have the right to know where you stand. When a landlord puts his/her advertisement on, he/she will receive multiple e-mails with the instructions to always reply on their received messages.
The landlords can reply on multiple messages from tenants at the same time, so it is not difficult for landlords to reply. Unfortunately, we can not force them to reply to you.
We will definitely take your suggestions into consideration and will see how we can improve this experience.
Have a nice day!
Shari - Kamernet

Score on Kamernet: 4/5
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