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After sales

Van Leer Foundation


Several critical points have been mishandled, and I believe it is essential to address them directly:

Lack of Email Responsiveness:

Repeatedly, my follow-up emails have gone unanswered. This is not an isolated incident; it happened previously as well. Despite having a backup of the emails I sent, there was no acknowledgement until I resorted to contacting Mitch Verbraeken via WhatsApp.
The lack of timely communication has caused unnecessary stress and inconvenience.
Multiple Contacts, Lack of Clarity:

Throughout the process, I have been contacted by various individuals from Atlas—Christina, Bob, Thekla, Dennis.... Unfortunately, there has been no clarity on who is handling my case.
Communication gaps between team members have led to conflicting information. To mitigate this, I copied everyone involved in my emails, yet even that yielded no response.
Delivery Date Uncertainty:

The most pressing concern is the delivery date. Initially, Christina informed me that the vessel would arrive in Rotterdam on the 30th. She mentioned potential delivery dates of the 2nd, 3rd, or 6th.
Cautiously, I cleared my schedule for the 6th, assuming a more extended timeline. However, I received no updates on the 30th or May 1st, despite multiple email attempts.
Today, after reaching out to Mitch via WhatsApp, I was offered the 8th as an alternative. When I expressed my preference for the 6th (as initially discussed), I was informed it was not feasible. So I have no option and say ok to the 8th....
But now you cannot confirm the 8th until Tuesday afternoon, with the 10th as a fallback option. Unfortunately, I won’t be in The Hague on the 10th, and the 8th clashes with my full schedule of meetings...but again, it seems that I don't have another option that waits until Tuesday to see if it is possible to have the delivery on Wednesday 8th... and if it doesn't work...I really don't know how to solve it.

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