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seems good but actually...

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hire professionals to support the website as it is incapable of handling much load


Thank you for your feedback.
We couldn't find an order placed by you, but looking at the date and time the feedback was placed we assume this is regarding the SenseCAP M1 launch.
Unfortunately, the sale announced on Thursday morning didn't go as planned. the queuing system failed us. Therefor everyone in the queue received the update they were first in line and it was a 30 second wait. This appeared not to be the case and minutes later the system failed us all together. We had tested the queuing software prior to the sale, but we could't test to the full extend because we don't know over 4000 people who are willing to test a queuing system.
We relaunched the SenseCAP later that afternoon and the sale did go better than that morning, but still not as it should have.
We are currently working very hard to make sure the next sale will be better and everyone has a fair chance to buy a SenseCAP.
Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you experienced.
Kind regards,
Antratek Electronics

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