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Ghassan [Guss-an] Hariz


Terrible shipping experience with Antratek and DPD


Information on web site with links to manufacturer site is helpful

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Shipping was TERRIBLE with DPD. The status of the shipment with DPD and Antratek was false. And so a package is still not delivered after 2 weeks.


Dear Ghassan Hariz,
Thank you for your feedback.
We are very sorry to hear you have had a bad experience with Antratek and DPD.
We shipped your order the 18th of December, on the 24th of December we received an email from DPD that the address was incorrect, we forwarded the e-mail to you so you could correct the address. On the 27th of December you contacted us, DPD hadn't delivered the parcel yet and asked if we could contact them and give them the corrected address as well. We replied the same day to confirm we had passed on the information to DPD and that we expected the parcel to be delivered beginning of week 1 2020.
On the 31st of December we received an email from you the parcel still hadn't been delivered. We replied 10 minutes later that we learned for some unkown reason the parcel was being sent back to our warehouse by DPD, DPD had done nothing with the address change you gave them or that we gave them twice.
We let you know that we would ship your order again the 2nd of January, because of new year's we weren't able to ship the order again sooner. You send us a reply on the 31st of December.
On the 1st of January we replied to your email sent the 31st of December and asked which courier you would prefer we use for the new shipment. You informed us which one you preferred.
On the 2nd of January we learned of some issues the courier you preferred so we informed you we shipped the goods with UPS. A new tracking number was sent and the goods were finally delivered the 7th of January.
Unfortunately due to December being the busiest time of the year for the couriers and the holidays which interferred with delivery days the parcels kept piling up and the couriers experiences extreme delays. We had warned our customers to take into account the orders might be delivered with some delay.
We could not have forseen the delays would be so extreme.
Again our sincere apologies for all the inconvenience and delays.
Kind regards,
Antratek Electronics

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