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alexander moliis


I am really happy with my order and fast shipping time 👍. But one big thing on my kneeboard that was upsetting was that in the under left back side of the board has a crack with the back. I dont know how it happend but seems like it was week glas fiber and some one dropped it when packing. I dont want to return because i have grinded it away and but new glass fiber because i have not much time to lose. I have pictures out of the box and the crack thats there if you are intrested. Agane i am really happy with my order but little bit dissapointed about the crack in the bottom


Good prices and good shipping

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Check better that what your sending


Dear Alexander,

thank you for your positive review. Please send us a email with pictures of the kneeboard en we see what we can do for you.

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Age: 17
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