Case study: Vivara

“Reviews better connect us to customers and we see that this leads to more frequent repeat purchases.”

Number of reviews 7.548
Sector Dierenspeciaalzaak
Customer since 2015
Rating 9.2 / 10.0

Vivara develops, manufactures and improves products for an animal-friendly garden. Almost all products are unique and available exclusively from Vivara. Vivara works closely with different nature conservation organizations that approve products before they are sold.


On working with Feedback Company

Now that we work with Feedback Company, we get a better picture of what customers want and what they think of our products. We have both positive reviews and a few negative reviews, which is very helpful. The positive reviews boost our image and attract new customers. The negative reviews give us a better insight into customer wishes and give us the opportunity to improve our service.



For us

The reviews that we have collected since the start of our collaboration with Feedback Company have delivered a great deal over the years. We have better insight into what our customers think of us and the connection with customers has become stronger. We notice that customers make repeat purchases with us because we can respond to the reviews that have been written.

By putting the reviews on our website, we convince new customers to buy from us. The excellent rating gives them an extra incentive. Ultimately, the collaboration with Feedback Company has delivered high sales figures!


Higher conversion


More revenue


More requests


New clients


Why would you recommend working with Feedback Company to others?

Feedback Company provides an amazing service. Its communication is fantastic and if we have a question, then we get a response within the hour. Feedback Company also works closely with you. The staff not only give you answers to your questions, but also help us to look for a solution to obstacles we come across. This is a service you definitely don't get from all review companies. That's why we can wholeheartedly recommend Feedback Company to other companies!


The review that stands out

Excellent organization, perhaps not the cheapest, but fantastic quality, great service and supportive of good causes. And one more thing.......quick, very quick!

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