Jul 20, 2021

Rastreator (www.rastreator.mx) is an insurance comparator that compares prices and coverages for car insurance or other financial services such as health, travel and funeral insurances, credit cards, personal loans, products as GPS location services and car rental. In this case, we speak with Angel Hidalgo.


How do you stay and distinguish yourself from the competition?

‘Being a price comparison website makes it critical to display correct data, so we invest most of our efforts in mapping the information and providing the best UX possible. That’s how we distinguish ourselves from the competition.’

Why did you start collecting reviews?

‘In order to deliver the best experience to our users and display reliable information. We are constantly looking for feedback. One of the best ways to get closer to our users is by leveraging a two-way communication with Feedback Company. The reviews we receive are shown on our website. This brings added value to our service, because it is endorsed by previous users that had already trusted us and most of them gladly acquired insurance or any other product with our help. Reviews give users the confidence to use our website and make sure they will be getting the best rates for the insurance or financial product they are looking for in a secure environment. Reviews show that we are a trustworthy company that also cares about issues or bad experiences other users had. Through reviews, people can see how we manage and handle those situations.’

Why did you choose Feedback Company?

‘Feedback Company is an ally to us, because it breaks the user-company barrier by providing an easy way to receive reviews and to get in touch with our users to address any urgent matter. This also lets us gather valuable information to improve our service.’

How do you implement our tool?

‘We have implemented Feedback Company as an enforcer of user’s recommendations for our website. First, we send an email asking for feedback of the experience customers had during their visit to our website. After that, our development team updates our review rate on our website with a link that redirects users to all our reviews. During this process, our customer care department responds to each message and gives solutions to any issue presented if that’s the case. Meanwhile, our marketing team uses those reviews in their communications showing those as testimonials in campaign’s or as an ad extension in Google. We see an increase in our digital campaigns conversions since we have added reviews on our landing pages. So, you can say Feedback Company is a fundamental partner to our strategy, because it provides legitimacy to our company.

Do you respond to each review you collect?

‘Yes, we do. We are committed to answer to all our users, either if it’s good or bad feedback. It is important to stand side-by-side with the customer during the purchase process and Feedback Company helps us to do so.’

“Feedback Company is an ally to us, because it breaks the user-company barrier by providing an easy way to receive reviews and to get in touch with our users to address any urgent matter.”

What is the most special review you’ve collected?

‘This was the following review:
Ludivina – 18/01/2021 – 10 of 10
“I’ve been comparing my auto insurance on this site for many years now and it’s generally good; I always find the best in-market prices and service has been superb whenever I need to use my coverage. SUPER RECOMMENDED”
This is what energizes us and this is what we do.’

What do you notice as a company from Covid-19? And do reviews play a role in this?

‘We are a fully online company, so we have not impacted our visitors as much as a physical store. But still some products decreased their results. In this situation, reviews play a key role in appealing to the few users that are looking to purchase insurance, getting a credit card or requesting a personal loan. Remember, the best advertising you can have is your customer’s feedback.’

A tip from Rastreator

‘I would strongly recommend adding reviews on your website, because there is nothing like providing users how your company has helped other people previously and to show them you are trustworthy. I would also recommend keeping a close eye to reviews, because they can provide helpful insights to improve customer care service and user buying experience.’

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