Business case

Jeroen van den Eerenbeemt

Jeroen van den Eerenbeemt


“Thanks to Feedback Company we get to promote online trust towards our potential customers”

Company name: Parkhero
Client since: 1-12-2013
Reviews collected: 2165
Score: 8.4/10


Parkhero’s main objective is to ease the parking experience of their customers at airports in many different cities all across Europe, by comparing and reserving the right parking place.

Why do you collect reviews with Feedback Company?

Two main reasons
Market research – With the reviews we collect through Feedback Company we are continuously learning new insights about our customers.  
Trust – The collected reviews promote trust towards new customers.


Our customers claim that online reviews are the main reason why they chose our service. Therefore, we have implemented a product review feature. Since then we have experienced an increase in conversion by 20%.

Do you recommend Feedback Company?

I would definitely recommend Feedback Company. The price they offer is more than acceptable and the service they provide is always excellent. Actually, there is not much contact needed – which I consider to be a good sign!