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  • Leon & Sjors
  • 5 min
  • 20 December 2016

You might have noticed that it is currently possible to get reviews free of charge via Google, the so called “Google Reviews”. Within this blog we will dive deeper into the pros and cons and how it differs with collecting reviews via Feedback Company.

Integration possibilities

Google reviews can only be used on open source platforms. Do you use a SaaS platform then you are out of luck, for example: MyOnlineStore, Lightspeed, Shopify and CCV shop are all SaaS that you won’t be able to use it for. To use Google reviews your programmer (or a tech-savvy entrepreneur might be able to do it him/herself) needs to add a piece of code to the source of your website or web shop. This is required by Google to fulfill the mandatory information of their server (think of the following variables: order ID, expected delivery time and email address of the customer).Feedback Company offers many integration modules for open source and SaaS platforms. This way it is possible for every web shop to collect reviews.

It might be redundant information as most websites this day are up to standard with a SSL security certificate for online transactions. However, for the websites that do not have this security measure installed it is not possible to review via Google.

Damage control – on hold period

Did you receive a negative review using Google reviews? Then unfortunately it is your own problem. There is no way to dispute a negative or false review, no matter the contents. Even when it is clear that it is written by someone that has never had interaction with your company. Our team of review specialist are available by phone, email and live chat and there to give you advice on how to deal with negativity. This ranges from helping with thinking of a response to turning something negative into something positive. All reviews that score below a 6 (3 stars) will be put on hold for 5 working days. This enables you to solve the matter with the customer and try to find a solution. When solved satisfactory it is possible for the customer to revise his review.

Trigger Invite

One of the most important things for your response rate is a trigger moment! When do I invite my customers to write a review? With Google reviews you must enter the expected delivery time. This is also the date that the invitation for a review will be triggered and sent. Because the date has to be set beforehand it often happens that the review arrives earlier than the actual order/package. This can lead to negative reviews about shipping that are beyond your control. Feedback Company allows you to set the trigger at the time of your choice, mostly a couple of days AFTER delivery. This way you are ensured that the customer receives his order before he or she can write a review.

Personalise your invitation

Another important factor to increase your response rate rapidly is having an appealing invitation. Google Reviews use a standard lay out that is the same for all customers and cannot be edited. Feedback Company allows you to customize your invitation any way you want, you can use our WYSIWYG editor or in HTML.

With WYSIWYG editor it is easy to add your company logo and other pictures. In addition, you are also able to edit until you have the look and feel of your business with colours and layout. Resulting in an invitation that is personalized and appealing and will surely increase your review count!

Publication methods

Google reviews uses solely one badge to show your score on the internet. Using Feedback Company you can choose between 17 different widgets. Be proud of your score and reviews and use our API to decide how you want to showcase your results. Additionally add Rich Snippets to your personalized widget to get stars within the organic results of Google.


One big advantage of reviewing via Google is that it is currently completely free of charge with no cap on how many reviews you can receive. Feedback Company is happy to announce that it also offers a Freemium package where you can collect up to 60 reviews per year.

Google’s Partnership with Feedback Company

Finally, we want to let you know that we are proud to be one of the few selected review partners of Google! With just 31 official review partners in the world we are privileged to be labeled as reliable and independent. As a partner we upload the reviews directly in the Google feed leading to improved SEO results, improving conversion and ultimately the reputation and reliability of your website!

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