Deploying Social Proof with Social Media

Mar 7, 2019

Luis Ariza

Luis Ariza

Business Developer


Social Proof is one of the latest trends related to the eCommerce industry. You’ve probably been reading and hearing how social proof can increase your shops conversions and not to mention your sales. But let’s take a step back here – what exactly is social proof?

In simple words – social proof is where the actions of others around us form the guideline for our own actions. So, often in situations where we’re uncertain of what to do, we trust the experience or expertise of users, celebrities, authorities, experts and other people to tell us what to do.

Not convinced? Well, imagine the following scenario:

You are on an exciting city trip with your friends and you want to explore some bars for the night. You spot two bars:

1. One bar is filled with people and a que is lining up in front of it
2. The second bar is empty with only a few people in there

Which one do you choose? It’s only natural that you would choose the first one. You go there where your peers go. It gives you a sign of comfort and trust – the music, drinks and the general atmosphere must probably be better in the first bar, if everyone is lining up to get in.

We are being manipulated by Social Proof all the time – without even realizing it. But how does this relate to your online shop? Well, simple. The same rule applies here: Where or what others buy – we want to buy as well.

Deploying Social Proof is one of the most effective and efficient ways of getting people to buy from you and there are many ways that you can leverage social proof but for today we are going to focus one specific one:


Why? Because that’s where the consumer is:

• There are around 1.47 billion daily active users on Facebook
• Instagram has reached 1 billion monthly active users as of 2018

Following the concept of Social Proof – the goal is for your potential customers to copy the behavior of your previous customers.
How do you deploy Social Proof with Social Media?

There are several effective strategies to use social media for creating social proof. A ll strategies evolve around the idea that through showing reviews or comments your company looks reachable, trustworthy and that customers like your products and services.

Keep in mind: you are deploying social proof just by engaging on social media, but not all reviews work equally well for this purpose. The quality and quantity of the reviews have a great impact on the effectiveness of the social proof, as there are several factors that determine the quality of social proof using social media:

#1 Testimonials on social media

Testimonials used in social media are usually written by customers or others who have had a good and strong relationship with a specific business. The company chooses which testimonial to show on their social media platform. The testimonials may come from:

  • Experts: A recognized professional who recommends buying your product or service.
  • Celebrity: A famous person or influencer with a huge fanbase praises your company.
  • Regular client: A loyal customer that writes an extensive review about your products or services. 
  • Certification: An authoritative figure explains how your company earned a Trustmark.


#2 Verified Reviews on social media

Verified reviews are comments generally coming from loyal customers that previously purchased a product. All reviews are shown, and the company has no influence on them.
The key to turn general reviews into social proof is verifying these reviews and posting them on social media platforms. Feedback Company offers a service which allows you to show verified reviews on various social media platforms. Did you know for example that verified reviews will make products 12 times more trusted then products without verified reviews?

#3 Expand your brand and be everywhere

When promoting your brand by having a social media presence your company will be perceived as more reachable by visitors. On social media platforms, the number of followers and interactions with them is essential as well, because then potential clients will have the impression of belonging to a community. This feeling of belonging to a community increases the desire of purchasing because “the community does too”.

Get access to the Feedback Company and start collecting reviews to use them for Social Proof today. Click here and let our experts advise you on how to use reviews to your best advantage!

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